The journey of our production started in 1984. Since then, we have resolutely and diligently followed our path. While devoting ourselves entirely to manufacture high quality products, the satisfaction of our customers has always been our highest goal. We are now in the position to provide customized display and storage systems for each sector. Market shelving systems, market equipment, wooden shelving systems as well as storage rack systems are our four main areas. We continuously produce with a capacity of 7500 tons of steel sheets and profiles and 10.000 pieces of wood panels annually.

“As Özkan Shelf Systems, we are proud to have a voice in many countries spread over different geographies of the world. With the products we produce, we touch the lives of many companies and shape their living and business areas. ”

Serkan ÖZDEMİR /
General Manager

Why Choose Us?

Our Modern Products

We deliver our modernly built products in a short time.

Customer happiness

We keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by fully meeting the needs and expectations of customers at the stages of the process.

Affordable Prices

Özkan Shelf We follow the technological developments, reduce the cost and provide quality service at affordable prices.

Reliable Service

Since the day we were founded, we act with a corporate management approach that adopts the principle of being reliable in all our activities and being accountable for the work we do.


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